Some Famous Buddhists

There are in fact many high-profile personalities who have discovered and taken up Buddhism.  The following are just a few of the more well-known celebrity Buddhists :

Richard Gere Movie Star An Officer and a Gentleman
Harrison Ford Movie Star Indiana Jones
Orlando Bloom Movie Star Kingdom of Heaven
Keanu Reeves Movie Star Little Buddha, The Matrix
Herbert Von Karajan Orchestral Conductor  
Uma Thurman Movie Star Kill Bill
Oliver Stone Film Producer JFK
Lindsay Crouse Film and TV Actress Places in the Heart, House of Games
Tina Turner Singer What's Love Got to Do With It
Adam Yauch Singer Beastie Boys
Herbie Hancock Jazz Musician  
Nick "Brash" Bradley Golf Coach  
Tiger Woods Champion Golfer  
Roberto Baggio Soccer Star Italy
Brett Kirk Sydney Swans Co-captain  
Phil Jackson NBA Coach Chicago Bulls
Pamela Stephenson Psychologist, Comedienne, Actress Married to Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly
Phillip Glass Composer  
Kylie Kwong Chef and Restauranter ABC Cooking Programme and Books
Joanna Lumley Actress and Comedienne Absolutely Fabulous
William Ford Jr. Chairman Ford Motor Company
Ernestine Anderson Jazz Singer  
Susan Blackmore Parapsychologist, Zen Buddhist, Ghost Buster,Professional Skeptic  
Leonard Cohen Canadian Poet, Novelist, Singer  
Bruce Lee Martial Arts, Actor  
Diane di Prima Feminist Poet  
Goldie Hawn Oscar winning Actress  
Jack Kerouac Poet, Writer  
George Lucas Film Producer Star Wars
Michael Stipe Musician  
Steven Seagal Actor  
Ruby Wax Actress, Comedienne  
Alice Walker Author The Color Purple
Melissa Mathison Screenwriter  
Tano Maeda Filmmaker  
Frank Herbert Science Fiction Writer "Dune" Series
Nathaniel Dorsky Filmmaker  
Belinda Carlisle Pop Singer  
Rob Cohen Film Director  
Mark Wahlberg Rap Singer, Actor  
John Cage Composer  
Allen Ginsberg Poet and Author  
Dadon Dawadolma Singer, Actress  
Becky Johnston Author, Screenwriter  
Peter Moores England Cricket Coach  

Jennifer Lopez Singer, Actress  
K.D.Lang Singer
Jung-si Park Manchester United Midfielder
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