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NOTE: This article has been modified to be less inflamitory than the original article by an unknown author. Buddhists do not, normally, criticise other religions, however, the scurrilous criticism of Buddhism by 'Professor' Harun Yahya (Real name Adrian Oktar) deserves a response. Not all Buddhists would necessarily agree with all of the sentiments expressed by the author, but he makes some important points.

Buddhism and Islam - a critique
I was intrigued to read the booklet 'Islam and Buddhism' by Professor Harun Yahya (www.islamandbuddhism.com/)  Professor Yahya is an eminent Islamic philosopher and theologian, and a world authority on the relation of Islam to science.

In 'Islam and Buddhism', Professor Yahya has forced Buddhism to submit to a penetrating Islamic examination in four main respects:

Chapter 1  claims that Buddhism is idolatrous. Buddhists worship inanimate objects.

Chapter 2    examines psychological and soteriological criticisms which build upon those set out in 'Crossing the Threshold of Hope ', and other Catholic sources such as the Catholic Encyclopedia and the pronouncements of Cardinal Ratzinger.

For example, Cardinal Ratzinger's comments that Buddhism is 'autoerotic spirituality' are developed to claim that Buddhists lead  a 'life of self abuse' .

Chapter 3 revisits and elucidates protestant critiques - that   Buddhism is the only religion which has betrayed spirituality to materialism by rejecting Biblical Creationism and accepting the validity of Darwinism and the theory of evolution. In Chapter 3 Professor Yahya virtually equates Buddhism with materialism - a claim which some Buddhists might hesitate to agree with.

Chapter 4 claims that Buddhism has degenerated.

Chapter 5 , the summary, returns to the main theme of idolatry covered in Chapter 1.

This essay is concerned primarily with examining the criticisms made in Chapter 1, with a few salient points from Chapter 2, including an interfaith comparison of the effects of masturbation in the Buddhist, Muslim and Catholic religions.

Comments on Chapter 1
Chapter 1 is almost obsessively concerned with idolatry, a theme which recurs in Chapter 5. The words 'idol(s)' , 'idolatrous' or 'idolatry' occur at least 20 times in this chapter. To paraphrase the Bard "The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks" .

Most of us are familiar with the Freudian psychological mechanism of 'projection', where the undesirable characteristics one wishes to conceal in oneself or one's own group are attributed to another individual or group.

In the sociological context this is known as 'scapegoating', which is a socio-psychological mechanism that is often deliberately employed by totalitarian ideologies. As the prominent Nazi Hermann Rausching observed     'If the Jew did not exist, we should have to invent him' (KOLTZ 1983)

Following this hunch, I did a search on 'Islam + Idolatry', which led to a slew of sites demonstrating that Islam's origins are indeed steeped in idol worship, many aspects of which persist to the present day. [My intuitions were subsequently confirmed by General William Boykin's conclusions  -  BOYKIN1BOYKIN2BOYKIN3,   BOYKIN4.]   For example, unlike the Jew or Christian, the Muslim does not pray to a universal deity. He prays to something with a definite geographical location on the surface of planet earth.   (The search also revealed many other things about Islam that they don't publicise during college Islamic awareness week - see later sections of this article)

The Muslim does not pray towards Mecca because of the holiness of the city (praying to a city would itself be a form of idolatry, though one could hardly imagine Akron Ohio exciting such veneration). He is in fact praying to one specific object within the city. That object is known as 'The Right Hand of Allah' - presumably because of the punch it packed when it hit the ground.

The Meteorite and the Moon God.
Until I researched the topic of idolatry, I had always assumed that Allah was just another word for the same transcendent and immanent deity known as 'Jehovah' in Judaism, and 'God' in Christianity. But apparently this is not the case. Allah started life as a moon god who had three daughters, hence the ubiquitous crescent symbol of Islam [ See MOON1, MOON2, MOON3, MOON4, MOON5, MOON6, MOON7 ].

Allah's main earthly manifestation was a meteorite that had either landed in, or been transported to, the main square of Mecca [See MET1, MET2, MET3, MET4, MET5, MET6, MET7, MET8, MET9].

Idolatry of al-insan al-kamil
Of course idolatry does not only apply to inanimate objects, one can also idolize people.   In Islam, Mohammed has become an idol who is regarded as al-insan al-kamil - the perfect man - and as such his example is to be followed in all aspects of human behavior and it is valid for all time. 

When faced with an ethical dilemma, a Christian may ask herself   "What would Jesus do?"    A Buddhist may ask herself   "What would Buddha do?"

In both cases the answers are likely to be very similar, for Christianity and Buddhism have similar codes of ethics based on the Golden Rule. 

However, when a Muslim asks himself  "What would Mohammed do? ", he's likely to get a very different answer   The doctrine of al-insan al-kamil allows a Muslim to ignore his conscience if the prophet has set a precedent which enables him to do so. See al-insan al-kamil_1,   al-insan al-kamil_2

Projection and scapegoating
So, the psychological mechanisms of projection and scapegoating explain the Islamic obsession with idolatry, and no doubt were involved in the events at Bamiyan,  together with the fatwa on Barbie and the declaration of Jihad against Teddy Bears ( See TEDDY1, TEDDY2,   TEDDY3TEDDY4,   TEDDY5 ).

Islam is just as idolatrous as the religions it criticizes (the icons of the Orthodox Church and the Statues of Roman Catholicism have historically also been attacked by Islamic iconoclasts).

Nevertheless, we must examine whether there is indeed any truth in these allegations of idolatry as they apply to Buddhism.

What is the function of statues and icons in Buddhism?
The first thing to point out is that Buddhist statues and icons have no intrinsic powers or functions. Any effects they produce arise entirely within the practitioners' own minds. The statues and images themselves have no shred of inherent existence and their materials and workmanship are of no importance.

So why worship these artifacts?

Well in fact they aren't worshipped. They are venerated - just like the icons of the Orthodox churches. The holy images function to provide a focus for the mind of the practitioner to become aware of the presence of a certain aspect of 'Enlightened Mind'. The Buddhist believes that Enlightened Mind is all-pervasive, however one needs to focus one's own mind in order to connect with it. Abstract reasoning and philosophy are all very well, but for developing an awareness of the numinous, one picture is worth a thousand syllogisms.

So, when contemplating the image of a Buddha, the practitioner strongly believes she is in the living presence of an Enlightened Being. That is why the materials of construction and quality of craftsmanship of the icon (though often very beautiful) are ultimately irrelevant. An expanded polystyrene Buddha painted with pink and purple polka dots would be just as valid an object of veneration if it produced the desired mental transformation. See Symbolism and Visualisation for a detailed discussion of this topic.

Comments on Chapter 2

Miserable Buddhists
The statement that Buddhism 'accepts suffering as a virtue and advises its devotees to lead a miserable life. ' is totally refuted by psychological investigation

Hi-Tech Mullahs
The claim that 'Islam encourages the development of science and technology', is a classical example of Taqiyya , ie a statement which is known to be the opposite of the truth.  If Islam is such an enlightened and modernistic religion, how is it that Muslims are so notably underrepresented among Nobel prize winners?  Why does the Islamic educational syllabus consist of little else but rote memorization of the Koran and training for Jihad? ( MAD1MAD2 ).    Could it be because any familiarity with post-Copernican cosmology, or indeed with rational habits of thought in general, might lead even the most brainwashed madrassoid to question the divine origin of the Koran? ( SCI1SCI2SCI3SCI4SCI5SCI6SCI7SCI8SCI9SCI10SCI11.) 

Islamic science and technology
Islamic backwardness in science has fortunately been a major benefit to civilization, for as Winston Churchill noted ' were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilisation of modern Europe might fall'. 

Churchill wasn't referring to academic physics and chemistry, but rather to the practical applications such as the Maxim gun, which sent the Mahdi's followers to paradise in such numbers that Allah had to introduce virgin-rationing. 

Meanwhile, as the Mahdi's martyred followers were getting to grips with their disappointments, back on planet earth in the Sudan, innumerable women and children were (for the best part of a century) spared violation, mutilation and slavery.

We must never forget Churchill's warning. If the civilized world should ever lose its pre-eminence in  science and engineering, then the primitive tribal forces of rape, pillage and  fanaticism will prevail. Hitler was defeated by allied supremacy in aircraft design, radar and cryptography.  Let us hope that science and technology will similarly prove decisive against the barbarians, as the developing clash of civilizations moves inexorably towards Armageddon.

Islam's contribution to world culture - snuff movies and videos of beheadings.
Islam is an underachieving culture which has made no contribution to civilization for the past 500 years. This does not just apply to science and technology, but also to the arts.  How many Muslim sculptors, painters, composers or dramatists can you name? The one exception to this general lack of creativity is the new cinematic genre of snuff-videos of Kafirs being beheaded, showing now at a mosque near you.

Buddhism is atheistic?
The claim that 'Buddhist philosophy denies the existence of God' is also untrue. Buddhism is philosophically agnostic rather than deliberately atheistic.

It would, however, be fair to say that Buddhist philosophy is less concerned with the 'Existence of God' than with the 'God of Existence'. The Buddhist definition of God - assuming it is possible to define (literally set limits on) the Ground of Being , is the subject of a profound philosophical debate. Needless to say it does not involve 'That Old Devil Moon', or chunks of junk from the asteroid belt. A brief superficial discussion is given on this website, but for a more technical philosophical treatment see "Is Buddhism Really Non-theistic?" at http://www.alanwallace.org/writings.htm .

Buddhism and masturbation - Buddhists hold their own in the face of accusations of self abuse and autoeroticism.
Catholics and Muslims criticise Buddhism for permitting masturbation (at any rate among non-ordained practitioners) while they regard it as a grievous sin.  Muslims regard male masterbation as worse than raping slave girls. Female masturbation is prevented by  genital mutilation including cutting out the clitoris and other vaginal structures , which are the normal source of teenage girls' pleasures from autoerotic pussy-play and non-penetrative petting with boyfriends and girlfriends. (See Clitoris 1, Clitoris 2, Clitoris 3 and Clitoris 4). These mutilations are a cruel form of female castration.

'A life of self-abuse'
It's true that Buddhists are encouraged to avoid self-grasping, but masturbation doesn't give rise to big guilt complexes as in other religions. And anyway, surely a 'life of self-abuse' would be preferable to a life of child and animal abuse  -  check out the strange practices described in the following links:   SEX1SEX2SEX3  SEX4,  SEX5SEX6SEX7,   SEX8,   SEX9 , SEX10 SEX11 , PEDOPHILES

Muslims absolutely hate any reference to their religion being founded by a pervert who nowadays would be in jail for statutory child-rape. They hate being reminded of it because they cannot deny it as a lie or misinterpretation - their own scriptures describe Mohammed's 'activities' with 9 year old Aisha. They hate non-Muslims - especially prospective converts - finding out about it because Mohammed's pedophilia seriously undermines any claims of authenticity for the Koran. It is a well documented observation in forensic psychology that pedophiles are prolific, ingenious and persuasive liars.

Similarly, maybe Cardinal Ratzinger needs to put his own house in order before he criticises the non-coercive sexual activities of others.

Masturbation and prostate cancer
Returning to the subject of solo-sex, frequent ejaculation is normal and healthy and helps prevent prostate cancer.   It's equally effective whether achieved with a partner or with Mrs Hand and her Five Lovely Daughters. See PROSTATE 1 , PROSTATE 2, PROSTATE 3. So if you want to maintain a healthy prostate you may need to masturbate regularly. Superstitious taboos against masterbation are both physically and psychologically unhealthy.

'An Oppressive, Enslaving Religion'
'Buddhism enslaves its devotees in misty monasteries and forces them into a life of suffering and poverty'.  No, Islam is the ultimate oppressive enslaving religion (SLAV1SLAV2SLAV3SLAV4SLAV5SLAV6). 

As Winston Churchill remarked "The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

In contrast, Buddhism is a religion of liberation.

Always bear in mind that Islam's teachings are completely unlike those of other faiths  

Islam is more like a contagious mental illness than a spiritual belief system. Again Winston Churchill hit the nail on the head.  Seventy years before Richard Dawkins formulated the Meme Theory of Religion -  which regards malevolent cults as mind-viruses - Churchill was already comparing Islam to the rabies virus: "The fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog" 

The rabies virus serves no purpose other than to propagate itself, and in the process it causes madness and immense sufferring.

Buddhism is superstitious.
The allegation that Buddhism is superstitious is repeated frequently in 'Islam and  Buddhism'. But if you really want to see some superstitious hogwash, check the following links. Apparently Muslims believe that Allah can be manipulated into sending people to hell by occult practices involving pork products.  See  HOGWASH1HOGWASH2HOGWASH3HOGWASH4, HOGWASH5HOGWASH6HOGWASH7,    HOGWASH8 .  This kind of superstition is the most primitive type of necromantic shamanism.

Burning infidels
In view of the imminent second anniversary of the September 11 atrocities,   ( WTC1WTC2,  WTC3 )  the gloating hate sermon in Chapter 2, with its obvious WTC connotations, seems somewhat insensitive. This passage has indeed been removed from online adaptations of the booklet, probably to make it less offensive to an American readership (Taqiyya again?)

However, for the record, the following sick, sadistic fantasies are quoted in the original as authentic passages from the Koran:

"(39: 71-73): The unbelievers will be driven to Hell in companies and when they arrive there and its gates are opened its custodians will say to them, "Did Messengers from yourselves not come to you, reciting your Lord's Signs to you and warning you about meeting [Him] on this Day of yours?" They will say, "Indeed they did!" But the sentence about torment will [already] have fallen due upon the deniers of the truth. They will be told, "Enter the gates of Hell and stay there timelessly, for ever. "

"The people of Hell, "shackled together in chains" (Qur'an, 25: 13), will be jammed into "a sealed vault of Fire" (Qur'an, 90: 20) and live in the murk of thick black smoke. They will hear the fire gasping harshly as it seethes and find people moaning in it. Their endless pain will never be relieved, despite their entreaties, causing them indescribable anxiety."

"A scorching wind will burn their skin, which will be continually replaced to burn yet again, as God describes in verse 4: 56, "Every time their skins are burned off, We will replace them with new skins." They will be beaten with cudgels made of iron and bound in "a chain which is seventy cubits long" (Qur'an, 69: 32). "

So according to Muslim belief, those NYC firefighters, paramedics and other rescuers who were trapped by the collapsed towers and slowly roasted to death as the fires spread through the rubble, will, being infidels, have an eternity of the same agony to look forward to.

This Muslim doctrine of divine hatred and sadism is not compatible with the beliefs of Buddhists, Jews and Christians concerning the compassionate nature of a Loving God, or Transcendent Enlightened Mind.

Satisfying Allah's lust for Kafir human sacrifice by ritual beheading
Islam's obsession with torture, cruelty and ritual murder involving human sacrifice by beheading to the chant of 'Allah Akbar', provides further evidence that Allah is not the same entity as the God of Jesus, Saint Francis, or   Rabbi Hillel.  (See GOD1GOD2GOD3GOD4 ).

In the video  "Then the man pulled out a long knife and cut off Bigley's head with the help of a group of masked men who shouted, "God is great!" in Arabic. "    -   No they didn't, they shouted "Allah Akbar" .

"In the video (a different video) , the first victim is shown lying on his back. He is blindfolded, tied, and is approached by a man wielding a knife. The words "God is great" are shouted and the victim's throat is cut. The video records the terrible sound of him trying to breathe. Afterwards, he is decapitated and his head held aloft before being placed on his torso, the blindfold pulled up so his face can be seen."  The report repeats the same error.  When  Muslims perform human sacrifice they do not say "God is great"  in English, they say "Allah Akbar"   in Arabic, which translates as 'Allah is great'     To equate Allah with God  is to fall into the trap set by the Anti-Christ.

All Buddhists reading this page should note that the poor Nepalis were sacrificed  because they were Buddhists. It isn't just Jews and Christians who get the Allah Akbar treatment. 

Maybe Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs and all other civilized religions ought to forget our differences and join together in a 'Kafir coalition' to oppose this murderous Satanic cult.   If we don't all hang together, then we shall most assuredly all hang separately.  And it's not just other religious groups who are on the hit list.  Gays, lesbians and outspoken artists are for the chop as well.

Filthy pervert old enough to be her grandfather
Some Christians believe that Jesus prophesied that it was inevitable that religious arguments would some day be used to justify child abuse, and He warned of the heavy negative karma incurred by those who propagated such perverted doctrines - see King James Bible, Luke, Chapter 17, verses 1 and 2. It is also possible that He specifically foresaw the coming of Islam as  'wolves in  sheep's clothing'.

Remember Bamiyan and Nalanda
'Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it'- George Santayana

The eight hundred year history of Jihad in the East against Buddhists and Hindus has many lessons for the current Jihad in the West against Jews and Christians. As Dr. Koenraad Elst says in Islamic Genocide :

"...The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose  delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within..."

The Islamic invasion of India was not only accompanied by the traditional massacres of menrape of women and looting of booty as originally sanctified by Mohammed, but also by attempted culturicide with massive destruction of universities and libraries, most notably the Buddhist university of Nalanda, where the ruins of the great library smouldered for six months  (see also Nalanda_1, Nalanda_2 , Nalanda_3  Nalanda_4)

The high civilization of ancient India was destroyed and replaced by a dark age of persecution and ignorance. The Buddhist sangha were either slaughtered or forced to flee from India. As a result Buddhism became almost extinct in the country of its birth.

The Religion of Peace?

Well-meaning western liberals and their governments are making three fatal errors of judgement by assuming that:

(1) Islam is basically a peaceful religion which has been temporarily hijacked by fanatics.

(2) The causes of the Jihad against the West are legimate grievances. Once these have been appeased - for example by handing back irredentist territories such as Israel, Kashmir, Andalusia and South East Europe - the jihad will cease.

(3) Islam can coexist peacefully  with other belief systems.

The Jihad in the East, which still continues with the persecution of Hindus and Buddhists in Bangladesh, and the destruction of the last vestiges of Buddhist civilization in Afghanistan, has been an eight hundred year long history of unprovoked aggression and expansion. As Huntington says, 'Islam has bloody borders' . It has never been able to exist on equal terms with other belief systems.

Islamic rage and hatred
" Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of Islamic existence. It not only declares all dissidents as the denizens of hell but also seeks to ignite a permanent fire of tension between Moslems and non-Moslems; it is far more lethal than Karl Marx's idea of social conflict which he hatched to keep his theory alive."

The Quranic doctrine of hatred against the unbelievers is as central to Islam as is the Sermon on the Mount to Christianity, or the Four Noble Truths to Buddhism. Jihad  is a sacred duty whenever there is a chance of success against the Infidel .  

Nevertheless, the non-Muslim, and especially the Buddhist, should not respond to Islamic rage and hatred with feelings of anger. The civilised person should recall Churchill's words about hydrophobia.  The Muslim is a potentially normal human being who has been infected with a rabid meme that turns him into a killing machine -  just as a happy, friendly dog might be infected by the rabies virus and in its madness attack all around it. 

Loathe and despise the illness by all means. But do not hate the patient. Even the most brainwashed fanatical terrorist should be an object of pity rather than of hatred. Many of these young men have spent all of their brief lives in madrassas (Islamic 'faith-schools'), where they have been systematically indoctrinated with resentment, anger and murderous rage.

They have also been deprived of female company during their teenage years, and taught that masturbation is a grievous sin which can only be absolved by martydom, and that same act of martydom will also satisfy all  their sex-starved adolescent fantasies with a bevy of beautiful, sensous, nubile virgins grapes.

Jihad for Allah  - or Satan?
If Allah is God why is he scared of his enemies?  Why does he need to recruit criminals, psychopaths and brainwashed adolescents to fight the Jihad for him? . If he wanted the unbelievers dead so badly, he could have done it himself. God does not need mercenaries and hit men. God is not a paranoid. He is not a narcissist. It would make no difference to Him whether you believe in Him or not, so why would he want to kill you and then burn you for E T E R N I T Y if you do not believe in Him? This insane Allah is not the creator of this vast and magnificent Universe but the product of a sick mind

If Allah really were Akbar, why would he need his 'slaves' to remind of the fact every time they decapitate a Kafir?  Is this insistence on the greatness of Allah an attempt to deny something? Why is Allah so status-conscious, why is he so vain? Maybe there is someone greater than Allah.   What or who is Allah afraid of?

After all, "God is great " would be a such statement of the obvious (in fact a tautology) that Christians and Jews don't even bother saying it (of course they don't perform human sacrifice either).

The symbolism of Bamiyan
The main lesson that the West needs to learn from the Jihad in the East is that Islam is a destructive, rapacious, predatory, insatiable and implacable meme that despises peaceful and gentle religions. Islam is intrinsically violent and regards appeasement as weakness and an invitation to further aggression.  See   JIHAD1,   JIHAD2,   JIHAD3 (in depth analysis),   JIHAD4JIHAD5,   JIHAD6JIHAD7 .  

The Global Jihad didn't begin on 9/11, it's been going on in distant parts of the world  for fourteen hundred years. The only reason we've become Islamically-aware is that with sleeper cells in every city, we know that the fifth column can now launch effective attacks throughout the once impregnable Western hemisphere.

In addition to planning major atrocities, the fifth column also promote 'creeping Islamization', sometimes in the innocuous guise of political correctness,  multiculturalism and 'Islam awareness' events,  but nowadays more frequently as  intimidation , subversion and murder. A major American magazine has recently been intimidated into removing two books that lift the lid on Islam from its online sales list.

Creeping Islamisation and creeping Sharia are serious and growing threats to freedom of expression, worship and civil liberties in EuropeAustralia   and America:  See  CREEP1CREEP2CREEP3CREEP4CREEP5CREEP6.  The thin ends of a thousand wedges are being driven into the social, cultural, educational and legal structures of the civilized world, with the ultimate objective of weakening them until they are no longer able to resist the imposition of a Shariah-based theocracy, where any criticism of Islam will be punished by death.

As the history of the Nazi era demonstrated, the best time to stop the process of appeasement is before it gathers momentum. Otherwise greater concessions follow lesser ones with subsequent demands becoming increasingly uncompromising, and the threatened consequences of refusal ever more intimidating.

And if you thought it was only in the Middle East and Europe where people are murdered for criticizing Islam, then think again. It's already  happening  here!.

A magnet for psychopaths
Since Allah allows, and indeed  encourages all manner of criminality (provided the victims are infidels rather than Muslims),  it is not surprising that the cult has become a magnet for psychopaths in the West,  and is especially successful in recruiting terror converts in jails.

Mass Child-murder - Beslan may be only the start
All civilized people have been repulsed by the Jihadists mass murder of children in Beslan. And yet according Islamic theology such events are justified . The prominent Muslim theologian Suleiman Abu Gheith has called for the execution of two million American children in revenge for Muslim grievances (and what Muslim doesn't have grievances?) see ABU1, ABU2ABU3ABU4.   

However , it must be emphasised that  the majority of Muslims in the West do not support Jihad.   Only a  minority (about one in eight) actively approves of major terrorist attacks against their host nations, see  MINORITY1, MINORITY2.  Nevertheless one in eight of an estimated Western European Muslim population of 20 million is over two million Jihadists.  It would be difficult, even with Russian-style security measures, to protect all the kindergartens and schools in Europe against these psychopaths.

And it could happen here. The terrorist expert Lieutenant General Tom McInerney has warned that the tactic of mass child-murder may "roll West into Europe and into our own country".  

The activities of the Washington snipers give a chilling illustration of the ultimate development of the Jihadist mentality; just before their capture they specifically threatened that they would concentrate further attacks on children.

However, in purely practical terms it is unlikely that Jihadists could reach the two million target by Beslan-style school massacres in the US.   Assuming an average kill of 500 per school, then four thousand sites would have to be attacked.  A more likely scenario is a massive release of radioactive material by smuggled nuclear bombs or simultaneous attacks on nuclear power stations and reprocessing facilities.  Children are especially sensitive to damage by radiation. This would fit in with the Iranian Ayatollas' claim to be able to destroy Anglo-Saxon civilization by an attack on only 29 sensitive sites.

Islamic awareness - by their fruits ye shall know them.
The events at Beslan reveal in all their starkness the unbridgeable gulf between the Islamic mind parasite and genuine spiritual paths such as Buddhism and Christianity:

By their fruits ye shall know them.  A genuine spiritual path brings out the best in people.  Islam does the opposite.


TAQIYYA (sometimes spelled TAQQIYYA or TAQIYA) is the duty of Muslims to lie about the beliefs, methods and objectives of Islam to non-Muslims.

Taqiyya  (bad faith, deceit, contempt for the truth, false promises, evasion, deceptive moderation and crocodile tears for terrorist victims) negates any attempt at interfaith dialogue between Islam and other belief systems, because we infidels never know whether we're being told a pack of lies.

In Islam it's OK to lie and deceive Kafirs (infidels)  because Islam is in a permanent state of war with all non-Muslims and deception is a legitimate tactic. The word or promise of a Muslim to a Kafir counts for nothing in the eyes of Allah.

So taqiyya means that the only time you can be sure that a Mullah is telling the truth is when he says he's lying!

The following sites are independent analyses which give a variety of taqiyya-free perspectives on Islamic motives, methods and objectives

DHIMMIWATCH - essential reading!     IA1  IA2   IA3   IA4   IA5   IA6   IA7   IA8  IA9  IA10  IA11   IA12   IA13   IA14   IA15   IA16    IA17    IA18    IA19    IA20    IA21   IA22    IA23    IA24    IA25    IA26    IA27


Churchill, W   The River War 1899
"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome."

Koltz, C (1983) 'Scapegoating' in Psychology Today, December 1983 p 68 - 69.

Finally, always bear in mind what Trotsky said:

"You may not be interested in Jihad,
But Jihad is interested in YOU!"

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